Need Anaglyphic Glasses?

For one or two pairs of anaglyphic glasses within the USA, please just drop an email to the address below.

We don’t want to exclude you.

You see those red & cyan images that appear throughout the site? Those are anaglyphs, a cheap and easy way of getting stereoscopy to the people, particularly in digital form. However, if you are brand new to the hobby, you might not have a pair – and not be able to experience our blog posts, gallery images, and most importantly our weekly presentations. And we don’t want that!

For the time being, we will cover the cost of up to two (2) pairs of anaglyphic glasses within the United States. Unfortunately, until we get more members in diverse regions, we cannot cover international shipping. There are plenty of places to obtain the glasses; for example, here in the states you can get 100 prepackaged pairs for under $15.

The most important thing for you is that you get red/cyan anaglyphic glasses, not red/blue glasses. If you attend some of our meetings, you’ll hear us talking about ghosting, and how it negatively impacts the viewing experience. Red/blue glasses are not suitable for the accepted standard anaglyphs in the stereography world, which are red/cyan. Basically make sure the word “cyan” is in there and you’re probably good. The second most important thing, of course, is to get the glasses ASAP.

The most important thing to us, of course, is that you’re taken care of. If you’re strapped for cash (which is nothing to be ashamed of), if you can’t find glasses anywhere, if you’re getting frustrated and need help – reach out to our leadership team. We’re here to help.

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