Erotica & True Crime in Stereo

We’re excited to have Martin Schub give us a fascinating sterescopic glimpse into the crime world and to welcome André Ruiter back to share erotic stereoviews from his collection. The fun starts Sunday, April 4th at 2:00 pm EDT / 18:00 GMT / 8:00 pm CEST! 

True Crime in Old Stereographs
Martin Schub | 20 min

Sensational murders attracted as much interest during the 19th century as they do today, but did this include stereo photos? Yes! True Crime views don’t seem to have been common, but they remind us that murder was just as outrageous and horrible then as it is now.

The Boudoir Stereocards of Jean Agélou
André Ruiter | 20 min

André will share erotic stereoviews from La Belle Époque.

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In addition to researching, organizing, studying, photographing, comparing, and appreciating the design, longevity, and applied uses of mid-century stereo viewers, I spend time photographing cloud formations and being a Googler.

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