Nature Stereography & Stereoview Publisher Attribution

From our Instagram 3D community, we’re excited to hear from Carleen Phillips and Kirill Kuzmichev this Sunday, January 10th at 2:00 pm EST / 19:00 GMT / 8:00 pm CET. Don’t miss it!

Journey from Buck Creek: Life lessons from nature photography & stereography
Carleen Phillips | 20 min

In her talk, Carleen will discuss how to develop your own voice and listen to what is around you. She’s been doing stereo photography for almost 7 years and divides her time between her work at Barnes & Noble and volunteering as an avian rehabilitator & educator. Carleen’s nature stereos can be seen on her 2 Instagram pages: Carleen Phillips Spirit of Nature & Lessons from Buck Creek.

Example of Stereoview Publisher Attribution
Kirill Kuzmichev | 20 min

Kirill will begin his talk with the starting point of his photographic studies and then talk about a particular case of attribution of stereoviews. He’ll show how a study of one set of views exposes the same image issued by different publishers and how that allows us to attribute certain images to a particular firm. The case he will cover in particular will be concerned with the French publishers Pierre Henri Amand Lefort and Charles Gaudin. Kirill is the author of the book The Third Dimension: Russia of Alexander II in the French Stereography. His work can be found on Instagram and his website.

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See you Sunday!

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