3D Sculpture and Community Show & Tell

The BSC is thrilled to welcome Roberto Manzano to share how he combines the worlds of sculpting and stereoscopy. We’re also looking forward to some fun social time during our community Show & Tell where attendees can share a 3D item or photo they’re excited about. All this 3D goodness starts this coming Sunday, December 13th at 2:00 pm EDT / 19:00 GMT / 8:00 pm CET! 

Sculpture and Stereoscopy
Roberto Manzano | 20 min

In my talk, I discuss the relationship between my profession as a sculptor and the stereoscopic image. Unlike painting, in sculpture, the perception of spatial depth may be the most important thing to consider. The relationship of each of the elements distributed in space is a real challenge to take into account with sculpture. In the vast majority of cases, color is dispensed to focus attention on three-dimensional shapes. In a traditional two-dimensional photograph of a sculpture, that perception of depth is lost; therefore it is a very ineffective means to represent the spatial game of a sculpture.

When I learned about the stereoscopic representation of an image, I understood what the true meaning of photography was and the magic it brings to any type of image. Since then, etheric photography has been one of my main tools, if not the most used tool, to capture, copy and represent everything I see and believe – not only in the world of sculpture, but in all aspects of life. I also want to relate my photographs to the stereoscopic daguerreotypes of the mid-nineteenth century as a tribute and reminder of a technique that despite being more than 150 years old, is unequivocally more modern in concept than the standards we use today.

Instagram: @manzanorober

Social: Community Show & Tell (45 min)

For our social segment, we’ll be allowing attendees 2-3 minutes to share either ONE item from their 3D collection or ONE of their favorite stereo photos. If you’ll be sharing a photo, be sure to have it open and ready to share on your screen (don’t worry, we’ll explain how to share your screen). This will be a fun way to get to know each other and discover new things!

Meeting Info

At the meeting time, go to bsc.stereosite.com to join.

Interested in presenting at one of our meetings? Sign up here.

See you Sunday!

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