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If you’ve attended a BSC meeting thusfar, you’ll note that we always announce that the meeting is being recorded. Why is the meeting being recorded? Well so that we can allow members of our community to relive a past meeting, or to experience it for the first time. Additionally, we have presentations which are meant to be publicly viewable after they occur – at the BSC, we don’t hoard knowledge!

To this end, we have created the Previous BSC Meetings page, now in the main menu of the site.

All five recorded meetings to date, and all 10 associated segments are available, and can be accessed directly via YouTube as well. Future meetings will be posted shortly after their occurrence, now that we have a workflow down. Whereas the presentation segments are publicly viewable, the full meetings are only available through the new media archive page, or by sharing the links. We would like to urge our membership to share the presentations as widely as they want – but to only share complete meetings with members of the greater stereoscopy community – that is to say, not publicly.

We do not take a ruler to our presenters’ knuckles if they miss a note!

By way of analogy, if you think of the presentations as theatrical or musical productions, the banter and conversation before, after, and in between are the green room. Of course anybody interested in stereoscopy might find value in some of this talk, hence the availability of these behind-the-scenes full meetings. However, for the vaguely curious public, these more personal interactions are not necessary.

And we want to make one thing absolutely clear – if you’re here, looking to expand your knowledge and social circle as regards stereoscopy, you’re already a member! It is not necessary to attend every meeting, or to have attended any meetings – yet. But if you look through our media library and like what you see, we would cordially invite you to attend the meetings live – not only is the video quality significantly better live, but you can ask questions, find likeminded friends, and participate in the “afterparty” – which isn’t recorded!

Published by Ian Ference

I am a freelance photographer, as well as a preservation archivist specialized in cleaning and scanning late-19th and early-20th century glass plates. I have enjoyed viewing stereoviews for over 30 years - and have been a serious collector for 11. My primary interest is in Great War stereoviews, and I am currently the steward of the Boyd/Jordan Collection.

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