Recreating Autochromes & Digitizing Negatives

We have a great line-up in store for Sunday, October 4th at 2:00 pm EDT / 18:00 GMT / 8:00 pm CEST! If you’re new to stereoscopy or you’ve been in it a long time, you don’t want to miss this chance to learn some basics & history on the Autochrome process and stereo negatives and hear how our presenters are exploring and creating in these spaces.

The Autochrome Project, A Work In Progress
Peter Norman | 20 min

The Autochrome was one of the principal ways of producing colour photography in the early 20th Century. Patented in 1904, the process consisted of a glass plate coated with a microscopic layer of mixed potato starch granules dyed orange-red, green and blue-violet. This created a random mosaic screen in which each particle of starch acted as a colour filter and then a black and white emulsion was coated on top. Peter will talk about his long-term project to recreate the Lumiere Autochrome and what he’s done so far. During his research, he’s come across stereo collections which have inspired him to explore the possibilities of one day making some stereo work if it is at all possible.

Negative Notions: Proper digitization of stereoscopic negatives for parallel viewing
Ian Ference | 20 min

Stereographic negatives present a challenge to the uninitiated, due to the circumstances of their creation and history’s neglect of proper printing techniques. For this reason, they are largely ignored by collectors, despite the fact that they often represent the best, or only, version of a given image. Having been raised on analog photography, and still missing the smell of fixer in the morning, Ian Ference will share his techniques for quickly and efficiently creating excellent digital positives from difficult stereo negatives. Understanding the underlying theory and applying this methodology, creating digital positives becomes not only intuitive, but great creative fun, as it requires artistic interpretation on the part of the processor!

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