3D Showcase: Egyptian Dance & Animation for Mobile

Join us Sunday, September 6th at our new time: 2:00 pm EDT / 18:00 GMT / 8:00 pm CEST. We have 2 great segments planned and we promise that it’s by sheer coincidence that both presenters are from space & astro-physics!

Egyptian dance seen through late 19th century stereoviews
Lenka Zychova | 20 min

The talk is based on five stereoviews from the late 19th century depicting Egyptian dancers, from those who performed publicly for the lower classes, to those who performed in middle-class entertainment places in Cairo. The stereoviews give a wonderful perspective on the evolution of the dance style in Egypt.

Lenka Zychova (stage name Badriyah) is primarily a space physicist working in the field of space weather at the Royal Belgian Institute of Space Aeronomy in Belgium. As her second profession, she is a performer and teacher of Middle Eastern dance focusing on Egyptian classical Raqs sharqi, known widely as Bellydance. She collects various historical items depicting Egyptian dancers from the 18th to 20th century and works on her online Bellydance Museum. You can follow Lenka on her Instagram @badriyah_bellydance or visit her website (together with the online museum):  www.badriyahbellydance.com.

ON your screen: 3D for the mobile phone
Marcel Clemens | 20 min

Marcel is trying to make 3D that is a good fit for viewing on a mobile device. Characters and objects that appear to stand on your screen as you view. Old techniques for a new audience!

Marcel Clemens is an astrophysicist turned photographer. His original 3D animations and videos can be seen on Instagram @onyourscreen3d and his photography can be found on Instagram @marcel.clemens.photography and the web: marcelclemens.com.

Here’s the meeting link: https://meet.google.com/dfb-rmru-hej

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See you Sunday!

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