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We began putting together the seeds of what would become the Brooklyn Stereoscopic Community (BSC) in July. In August, we held our first three meetings, brought in two more members of the Leadership Team, and became permanent sister-sites with the Stereosite. We’ve updated our homepage, changed our name, and have a new, permanent meeting time. In order to keep you all up to date on the exciting things we’re doing, we’re making this post as a sort of newsletter!

A New Permanent Meeting Time

Many thanks to everybody who answered our survey on meeting times. We got a lot of data, which was confounding at first glance – the top two choices were 1 PM EDT and 4 PM EDT. However, by an overwhelming majority, the second choice for a meeting time was 2 PM EDT, and almost nobody said that they could not attend at this time. Therefore, all future BSC meetings will take place at 2 PM EDT / 11 AM PDT / 18:00 GMT. Hopefully this will boost attendance without forcing people out of bed too early, or keeping them up too late!

Our Sister-site: the Stereosite

We are now very happy to have a permanent sister-site in the Stereosite. If the BSC is a community of diverse 3D enthusiasts who get together socially for talks, show-and-tells, and general stereo banter, then the Stereosite is the newspaper we all read. If the Stereosite is the library where we gain knowledge and admire art individually, then the BSC is the pub where we meet afterwards to shoot the breeze about what we’ve learned.

The two entities are separate but intertwined in a symbiotic relationship. Going forward, we will encourage everybody doing a talk at the BSC to write a corresponding paper (or submit a corresponding gallery) to the Stereosite. Writers for the Stereosite will be encouraged to present at the BSC. A Jammie Dodger would not be a Jammie Dodger without both the delicious biscuit and the raspberry jam. While we withhold assignation of “biscuit” and “jam” to either site, we hope you’ll agree that both are necessary!

Renaming the Community; Redesigning the Site

After some consideration of the more formal semantic connotation of an “Association”, and our desire to be informal, we changed our name! Simple as that, we morphed from being the “Brooklyn Stereoscopic Association” to being the “Brooklyn Stereoscopic Community”. This reflects the fact that we are not a strict society with formalized rules and so on – but rather, a community of likeminded 3D enthusiasts who get together for fun, education, and enjoyment of art.

In light of all these changes, we’ve moved a few things around on the site to streamline the front page, to transform the Contact page into a general “ways to be involved” page, and to add our new Leadership team members. We listen to our members – and when it was suggested that the front page not be toploaded with all the information, we were happy to oblige! Hopefully the redesigned site will be easier for everybody to use.

Passing the Collection Plate

We haven’t prominently promoted it thusfar, but we’d like to at least make sure everybody’s aware that we are almost entirely self-funded so far. It’s our fault, of course, for not mentioning our Patreon page more prominently. But running the BSC is not entirely inexpensive; come the end of September, we will have to start paying for our meeting platform as well. All that we ask is that those of you who can chip in $1 a month to keep the lights on. And if you can’t, or choose not to, that’s totally cool! But if you feel like you get $1 worth of value out of each month’s offerings, and can spare it, we’d greatly appreciate it.

And finally…

A big thank you to all of you! We particularly want to highlight Stacey, Sangeeta, and David for their stellar presentations. But we appreciate every one of you that shows up, and participates to the level you are comfortable with. We wouldn’t be a community without our members – and if you’re reading this, then you’re a part of that. Thanks, gracias, danke, merci!

Published by Ian Ference

I am a freelance photographer, as well as a preservation archivist specialized in cleaning and scanning late-19th and early-20th century glass plates. I have enjoyed viewing stereoviews for over 30 years - and have been a serious collector for 11. My primary interest is in Great War stereoviews, and I am currently the steward of the Boyd/Jordan Collection.

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