4 thoughts on “Collecting Stereoscopes

  1. Thank you Andre. I’m late reading this, but your knowledge is impressive. I have a taxiphote, and have measured the slides as being 18cm x 9 cm. Is that essentailly the same as the 17×8.5 you mentioned?

    1. Hi Tony,

      8x19cm is a different format and as far as I know there is no Taxiphote that supports this format. 8,5x17cm, 45x107mm and 6x13cm were the most common stereoview formats early 20th century but there were many more, like: 9x12cm, 9x14cm and 10x15cm.


  2. That’s interesting. Perhaps my device is not a true taxiphote, but it is a desktop, chain driven viewer, and that is the size of the slides inside. Unless the measurements are made of the images, not the pieces of glass. Is that the protocol?

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