The BSA presents: Women in 3D!

This coming Sunday, August 9th, the BSA will feature rising and established female voices & perspectives in 3D. 

  • “Beauty in Turmoil: Nudes from the Weimar Republic” | Presented by Stacey Doyle Ference (20 min)

Stacey will be expanding on her the themes presented in her blog post “Nudes from the Weimar Republic” by giving a more detailed analysis from a queer feminist perspective.

  • Through the Stereo Lenses | Presented by Sangeeta Dhawan (15 min)

Sangeeta will be presenting a small selection of her stereo photography, most of which will be macro and nature shots.

  • A History of 3D Video Games | Presented by Ilicia Benoit (20 min)

Ilicia will discuss the history of stereoscopic electronic games and related ephemera by expanding on her earlier paper on the subject.

We’re also streamlining our agenda so that our meetings are shorter, more fast-paced, varied and interactive with you, our attendees. Here’s the new flow:

  • 15 min: Intro & social time
  • 20 min: Presenter 1
  • 10 min: Discussion & social time
  • 15 min: Presenter 2
  • 10 min: Discussion & social time
  • 20 min: Presenter 3
  • 10 min: Discussion & wrap up

Here’s the meeting link:

Interested in presenting at one of our meetings? Sign up here.

See you Sunday!

Published by Keita Wangari

In addition to researching, organizing, studying, photographing, comparing, and appreciating the design, longevity, and applied uses of mid-century stereo viewers, I spend time photographing cloud formations and being a Googler.

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