Welcome to the Brooklyn Stereoscopic Association

The BSA’s First Meeting: 2 August, 4:00 EDT (20:00 GMT)

The Brooklyn Stereoscopic Association: A place where everyone belongs.

Less than a month ago, four veteran 3D hobbyists came together to fill a void we’d long noticed in the stereography world. We wanted to create a complete community with an emphasis on inclusiveness. A place where all levels of stereo expertise, ethnic backgrounds, and gender identities could feel welcome and have their perspective on stereography heard and valued. And just like that, the Brooklyn Stereoscopic Association was formed.

What is a Complete Community?

A place to meet up, talk 3D, share work, share collections, learn about history and the latest techniques, resources, events, and happenings in stereography.  Most importantly, a place to be part of a diverse 3D family.

You don’t need to own a single stereoview, know what an anaglyph is, or understand the difference between positive and negative parallax to join. You can also be an expert that’s been in the field for decades. We just ask everyone to bring their curiosity!

The Brooklyn Stereoscopic Association if we were all hairies

What Else to Expect

Besides bi-weekly online meetings Sundays at 4 PM EDT / 20:00 GMT, we plan to offer:

  • An archive of previous meetings
  • A communal blog where Full Members can post 
  • An image gallery where Full Members can share work and receive feedback, if desired
  • A diverse range of topics (as long as they’re done respectfully!)
  • A chat forum (currently Slack)

How you can join 

We’ll be holding bi-weekly online meetings on Sundays at 4 PM EDT / 20:00 GMT. Anyone can attend meetings but if you’re looking to be more involved, view our Members page for details.

All we ask is this:

  • No disrespect. Keep the language in your presentations, comments, posts, and discussion respectful of other members and of other people in general.
  • No illegal stuff. Should go without saying but … this is not the place to share or discuss stereographic content that is unlawful in any way.

We hope to see you at one of our meetings!

Published by Keita Wangari

In addition to researching, organizing, studying, photographing, comparing, and appreciating the design, longevity, and applied uses of mid-century stereo viewers, I spend time photographing cloud formations and being a Googler.

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