The Brooklyn Stereoscopic Association

A new sort of global 3D family, focused on an atmosphere of mutual respect, sharing our (and your) skills with the world, providing a discussion forum for those who don’t have a local club or who have found their local club too “exclusive” for them, and avoiding censorship. Meetings held online on Sundays at 4 PM EST (8 PM GMT)

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About Us

Mission Statement

We are building a diverse, global family of mutually respectful 3D enthusiasts who learn and laugh and grow together. We are passionate about the hobby and want it to continue long after we’re gone. To that end, we aim to inject a powerful dose of diversity into the stereographic scene by welcoming all kinds of people from all kinds of places – from the mildly curious who’ve never viewed an anaglyph, to the novice who wants to give her first presentation, to the 50-year veteran who’s tuning in for a technical workshop. Our strategy is simple: create a comfortable, inclusive environment and run the club in such a way that actively seeks and promotes diversity, inclusion and respect in its members, topics and presentations.


If you can afford it, we’d ask that you donate $1 per month through our Patreon page to help cover the costs of this endeavor. If you can’t, no sweat. If you can, you can do so in the knowledge that we will not be making a red cent off the club. Any excess funds we receive will go towards providing stereographic materials to our members, with any excess beyond that going towards providing such materials to institutions such as schools, psychiatric hospitals, and prisons the world over.

How You Can Help

Give a Presentation

Whatever your area of specialization is, and whether you’ve been doing stereoscopy for five weeks or five decades, we want to hear what you’ve got to say! Whether it’s a display of your own works, a historical examination of classic stereography, a tribute to a stereographer who has passed on, or any of a million other topics – if it’s focused on 3D, it belongs at the BSA. Contact our Leadership Team and we’ll work with you to make a presentation you can be proud of, even if it’s your first. Head to our Presentations page for more information!

Host a Workshop

Workshops are generally more collaborative and require a bit more knowledge to host successfully. As they generally involve the entire audience, and involve teaching new skills, they’re not recommended for those new to the field – you might feel overwhelmed or caught off guard. But for those who are prepared, workshops are a great opportunity to show off the skills you’ve been honing, and a fantastic way to teach those new to the hobby about your areas of specialization. If you’re interested in hosting a workshop, head on over to our Workshops page!

Bring Your Friends

Know what’s better than attending a stereography club meeting alone? Attending with a friend! Spread the word about the BSA on your favorite social media site, or sit side-by-side on the couch in front of the device you’re joining the meeting with. Too many people think that 3D is inaccessible to them, when in reality, with a few bucks and an eBay account, you can start collecting today – and we’ll show you how! Alternately, if you want to create your own art, we have experts in that as well – hopefully with many more to join.

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Be In Touch

Got a question that’s nagging you about that beautiful Keystone card you just bought off of eBay, and want some guidance? Curious as to how to print onto bizarre substrates? Found a toy stereoscope at a boot sale and need to know more about it?

Or maybe you want to gripe about our content, constructively critique our format, and so on. All input is welcome. With the possible exception of Ian, we don’t bite.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for anything and everything stereographic.

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