Brooklyn Stereoscopic Community

A new sort of global 3D family, focused on an atmosphere of mutual respect, sharing our (and your) skills with the world, providing a discussion forum for those who don’t have a local club or who have found their local club too “exclusive” for them, and avoiding censorship. Meetings held online on Sundays.

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Mission Statement

We are building a diverse, global family of mutually respectful 3D enthusiasts who learn and laugh and grow together. We are passionate about the hobby and want it to continue long after we’re gone. To that end, we aim to inject a powerful dose of diversity into the stereographic scene by welcoming all kinds of people from all kinds of places – from the mildly curious who’ve never viewed an anaglyph, to the novice who wants to give her first presentation, to the 50-year veteran who’s tuning in for a technical workshop. Our strategy is simple: create a comfortable, inclusive environment and run the club in such a way that actively seeks and promotes diversity, inclusion and respect in its members, topics and presentations.

BSC Announcements

The Stereosite:

As sister-sites the Brooklyn Stereoscopic Community and the Stereosite are in permanent collaboration. So most of the presentations here will be published as articles afterwards, over on the Stereosite. The Stereosite also hosts galleries, additional articles, and helpful guides. BSC members should familiarize themselves with this powerful resource!

Be In Touch, Get Involved

Got a question that’s nagging you about that beautiful Keystone card you just bought off of eBay, and want some guidance? Curious as to how to print onto bizarre substrates? Found a toy stereoscope at a boot sale and need to know more about it?

Or maybe you want to help out, give a presentation, or find other ways to assist the BSC in our work. We strongly encourage member participation!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for anything and everything stereographic.

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